Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Monday MONDAY!!!!

Happy Monday.


I have been completely entralled with wild sunflowers lately. They are blooming everywhere here in North East Kansas. I get to admire them on the long drive to and from work.

So, remember when I won the stencils? Here is my first project with them.


Sorry, but I was so excited to get to it, that I did not take any before or in progress pictures. I started with a $0.99 wooden frame I picked up at Walmart. I prepared the frame by sanding the edges (they were kinda rough). Once that was done, I did a base coat with some black craft paint.

My original idea was to stencil in silver on the black, but it was suggested to me that the silver/black combo was really quite played out. So, instead we have old nickel on black. Tones the whole thing down a bit. This was the small scroll all over stencil. I used a spray of stencil adhesive to hold it down to the frame.

The instructions that come with these stencils have you use the brush in a circular motion rather than pouncing. This works nicely if you are trying to shade. However, I did find that it shoved the paint against the edges if you didn't off load the brush enough, and some spots ended up with a slight ridge at the edge. Once I figured out to off load until the brush was nearly dry, this went away.

In all, I am rather happy with how this project turned out. I am planning to add one of my parent's wedding photos. Since this frame doesn't have any glass I am gonna print one on photo paper and then coat it with resin. This should help keep it rigid in the frame and protect it somewhat.

Let me know what you think in the comments!
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