Saturday, November 17, 2012

Game Review: Just Dance 4 for Wii - Updated!

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So, my second game review. This time I got a copy of Just Dance 4 for the Wii. Due to problems with my knees caused by the stupid spider bite, the act of actually playing the game fell to my niece and her best friend. Both are 8 and in third grade.

Miss M (her parents don't want her actual name or face on the internet) and her friend play Just Dance 4 every morning before school and they LOVE it. The mix of current and classic music was apparently a very big hit - Miss M has been constantly singing Rick Aston, highly amusing! They really liked the chance to move and wake up in the mornings. It is apparenly a wonderful way to start the day!

I managed to get some video of Miss M dancing and asked her some questions about the game.

After I stopped rolling, Miss M told me that one of her favorite songs in the game is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Aston. Why? Because the avatar is dressed as a lame super hero and there are dinosuars and giant robots in the background! She is also having fun with more recent hits like Call Me Maybe and Moves Like Jagger. She and her friend are able to compete head to head to see who gets the higher score, or they can work together on a duet! Miss M's mom also had a go at the Just Sweat mode (a workout mode) and said it was a pretty good routine. She was definitely sweating!

So, there you have it, Just Dance 4 is "pretty awesome" and a good work out!If you want to try it for yourself, you can pick up a copy on Amazon. Oh, and the "reading disc" error in the video just means we need to clean the lens on our Wii, it is not the fault of the game!

UPDATE! So Thanksgiving has come and gone and I had to share how much this game added to mine. Like everyone else, I spend Thanksgiving with my family gorging on food and remembering why I only see these people three times a year. At least, that is what I do in the afternoon.

Once evening rolls around, myself and several like minded friends always get together and do something fun to shake off the stress of a day with family. This year, I brought along Just Dance 4. Big Hit. Big. We spent the whole evening dancing, laughing, and having fun! Found out that even with bad knees, so long as I do the arm movements the game still counts it! (Woo! for accessibility!) Also explored the store and found my new favorite thing EVER! You can download.... wait for it.... Gangnam Style! Horsey dance the night away! This group of friends has just found their new go to party game. Woo!

All opinions in this post are mine (or Miss M's). We recieved a review copy of the game, but no other compensation. Thank you.
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