Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Lily Ring Pattern


For your Easter beading pleasure, I present a simple peyote ring featuring an Easter Lily. While I am mostly happy with this ring (which by the way is also lovely with other flower colors!), I think I will try to do one where the flower is more 3d. As it currently is, the lily feel is not as prominant as I would like.

A tip on adding the extra beads on the outside, complete the main ring first in even count peyote. Then come back and add in the extra beads by coming through the center bead of the petal, add two beads, go back through the central bead. Then stitch up through the bead to the right of the central bead, througn one of the added beads, through the other added bead, down through the bead to the left of the central bead. Hope that makes sense...

This year for Easter, I am getting my niece the best book about a bunny ever! Yep, you guessed it Bunnicula! Of course it is an Easter book. It has a bunny, doesn't it?!


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