Friday, April 27, 2012

Dragon Ring In Progress

So, I did not get as much time to work on my dragon ring as I would have liked (stupid beads spilled on the carpet), so the ring isn't finished, but here is an in progress picture. You can see I went with a color palate very similar to the original pattern. I did find a green for the wings that had a slight iridescence, and my background is bronze rather than gold (partly 'cause I had bronze, and partly 'cause I like darker colors). I am not sure how permanent the iridescent finish on the green beads is yet, but I find that a small ring project like this is a great way to test it, and since I plan to keep this ring for myself, no worries about putting out an inferior project. If I planned to sell the ring, I would want to already be sure of the finish.


On the note of selling, I wanna be clear that if I provide a pattern I do so because I am sharing it with all. If you want to make it for yourself or make it to sell, that is up to you. Once I put it out there, my rights to the finished products are gone. You make it you own it.

The only exception to this is the Marvel and DC ring patterns I make. In many cases, I am actually breaking copyright law myself by reproducing a logo or insignia. So, I am taking my chances with the lawyers, hoping that so long as I give credit and state that they are for personal fan use only, they won't sue. So, if you decide to sell the rings you make from those patterns, you will be taking your own chances. So long as we are just crafty fans, they generally don't care. If we become greedy fans though... all bets are off.
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