Friday, April 6, 2012

You Might be a Beadweaver if...

I started this list with the first three entries on the Yahoo Group Seedbeadersters and then several of the wonderful members of the group joined in. Feel free to add more in the comments, maybe we can get a sequel out of this!


You Might be a Beadweaver if…

...You have ever spent 20 minutes lying on the carpet picking up seed beads.
...You spend more per month on seed beads than you do on clothes (or groceries!).
...Your fire evacuation plan includes how to get the seed beads out of the house.
…You find your mom's jewelry box is full of stuff you've made and she says, "Don't you remember you gave that to me?" When you obviously didn't (true story)
...You plan your trips around bead shops in the area you're visiting.
...You get embroiled in many a 'best seedbead brand' flamewar on your favorite seedbead forum. (same goes for beading thread brands/types)
...Your cats are named Miyuki, Matsumo & Czech.
...You sign up for a locally offered history class titled 'Sacred Peyote" and are crushed when you realize it doesn't involve seed beads!
...You're known as 'that crazy bead person' at the local craft shops (instead of 'that crazy cat lady'- or in my case: that crazy emu lady)
...The local bead shops call you for advice on what seedbead colors, brands & sizes they should stock for this season.
...You're currently feuding with your favorite local bead shop because they won't order seedbeads in the quantity/colors you require.
...You almost sign up for a Community Education class titled "RAW", but pass when you realize it's about dieting instead of your favorite bead stitch.
... you ever scour thru the furbaby's hair to find missing beads
... you ever have to pry a bead out from the furbaby's mouth, cuz it is a gemstone bead & worth too much to have to dig out of the "yard" later on.
... When going on a flight you pick the best seat for beading, who cares about the view or the ability to be near the isle! Just be able to do beadwork in peace & with the best light!
... at garage sales or resale shops you look at old wedding dresses just for the beadwork!
... your significant other says he needs to go to the home improvement store & you happily go along for beading support, um... I mean moral support!
...You find yourself scanning the jewelry counter at the local thrift store for vintage beads... because you plan to take it apart and use the beads in another project.
... You keep a pair of pantyhose or knee highs in your drawer, even though you don't wear them, because they make good filters when using the vacuum to pick up beads.
...You buy items like butter, snacks etc, based on whether or not the container would be good to store beads in.
...You go to Bass Pro Outdoor World or Cabela's not to buy sporting goods or look at the fish, but to purchase fishing line to use as beading thread.
...You scour garage sales for beads and it makes your day when you find some.
...You can tell the difference between glass or plastic beads without even touching them.
...If you see a sign that says "bead shop" or "beads for sale" when out with your family, they all groan because they know this is going to take a while. (This works for book stores too in my case.)
...You bounce up and down happily when you find an old vellux blanket at a garage sale dirt cheap, even though it has holes in it, because you know you will have beading mats for a long time to come.
...Your best friend comes directly to you when her daughter's prom comes up. She knows the jewelry you make will not only be one of a kind, and match perfectly, but it will also be free or very cheap "just for her."
...Your significant other is not surprised to find beads in the bed... or under the table... or in the bathroom sink etc etc.
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