Monday, April 9, 2012

What I Made Monday

So, it was a busy week for me. I had to make and mail out Terri's ring for winning my give-a-way (congrats!), I had to gather and mail out some beads for a swap, and I had to do all my normal life stuff - laundry, dishes, more laundry.

But I did manage to get a few things made to show you. First, we have another ring made by beadweaving around a resin cab. This cab was also made from a vintage button I molded. I tried to do the band a little differently this time, not completely happy, but not completely unhappy...


I was also experimenting with polymer clay this week. Nothing too hard, just roll it out, stamp on it, cut a circle and paint with Pearlex powder. I then gave it a layer of resin to protect the Pearlex. I found the resin also added some wonderful depth to the stampings. I will say, looking at the charms closely in these pictures, I definately need to work on my finishing. Lots of rough edges showing! Notes on size: the small charms are about the size of a nickel.


I have some more of these in the works right now, so I will try to get the edges looking better. I have also been trying to work with some of the crystals I won, but I keep tearing things apart.... blah.

Quote: Children are born true scientists. They spontaneously experiment and experience and reexperience again. They select, combine, and test, seeking to find order in their experiences - "which is the mostest? which is the leastest?" They smell, taste, bite, and touch-test for hardness, softness, springiness, roughness, smoothness, coldness, warmness: they heft, shake, punch, squeeze, push, crush, rub, and try to pull things apart.
R. Buckminster Fuller (1895 - 1983)
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