Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Weigh In: 309.5 lbs

Ok, well, that was evil.

So, since this is just the start of things, I wanted to spend today listing the reasons I hate being fat/obese/fluffy/-insert politically correct term here-. I am doing this cold, no pre-planning, so lord only knows what my brain is going to come up with here

-- I don't like looking at myself naked in mirrors. Let's be honest, we can talk about healthy all we want, but looks play a part.
-- I want to be able to play Just Dance 4 with my niece without sitting on a foot stool, and still being tired after one song.
-- I hate the noises I make getting up from a chair.
-- I don't want to worry about my pants making noise when I walk.
-- I hate not fitting into chairs with arms in waiting rooms, at restaurants, at concerts...
-- Knee pain sucks.
-- Asthma sucks.
-- The looming threat of diabetes sucks.
-- I want to be able to take a walk with my niece.
-- I hate staring up the stairs every morning and sighing before I start up.
-- I hate the fear of wearing shirts that might expose my arm flab. I miss t-shirts.
-- I hate the self loathing that comes with buying a hot chocolate on a cold morning.
-- I miss the ability to put lotion on my ankles.
-- I hate going to a store and buying size 26 petite pants... it's just sounds stupid and people look at you funny.
-- I hate feeling like a failure at work because I don't walk around as much as the other's in my position.
-- I hate not being able to stand in line for 5 minutes without my knees being stabbing evil things.
-- I hate not doing more metal work, because my shop is in the basement and I don't want to take the stairs.
-- I hate being afraid to do craft shows, because I worry about carrying and setting up tables by myself.
-- I hate that I am constantly obsessed with my weight and with eating.

There is probably a lot more I could list, but I will stop here for today. At next weeks weigh in, I will go over what my goals for this odyssey are, and a little it of my strategy for reaching them. I will also let you know how I did between now and then.
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