Monday, February 13, 2012

Michelle Mach Valentine Challenge

For her Valentine Challenge, Michelle sent out some off white embossed cards. The challenge was to embellish the card. She will pick her favorite, and that person will will a gift card to Amazon.

She had a couple of different card to choose from. I picked one that had some lovely branches embossed on it. I was very excited about this, as I had done something similiar with a Christmas card I gave out this year.

However, once the card arrived, I had no idea how to embellish it. I would take it out and stare at it, then put it back aside with no more clue what to do with it then when I started. With the Feb. 10th deadline looming, I finally hauled out the big guns... the 7 year old in the house.

Molly knew right away what she wanted to do. She wanted to paint a sunset. She actually practiced her sunset technique for several days before she finally started on the actual card. She mixed gold and red metallic paints for the sunset, and blue and white metallic paints for the ocean.

Not bad, eh?
Michelle Mach Valentine Challenge

Also of note, this is the first item to be photographed in my new photo studio. Really liking how true the colors came out and that the white does not look yellow! Woo!

All of the cards submitted and the name of the winner will be available on Michelle's blog on Feb. 14th.
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