Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have ya missed me?

Hey, I am back after an extended break. Lots of things going on during this break - jewelry making, family, stupid knees, contemplation of life - lots of stuff. So, starting tomorrow, I will be back to blogging on a regular basis. Fridays will be a new ring pattern - I have lots ready! Wednesday will be whatever random thing I feel like talking about. Mondays - Mondays will be hard.

Monday is going to be declared Weigh In Day. Each and every Monday I am going to publicly declare my weight and how I did with becoming healthy in the previous week. Why? Because if I don't do something, I may not be walking in a few years. And that scares me. A LOT. So, Monday I will weigh in, I will discuss what I have done in the past week - did I manage to exercise, did I eat healthy, the state of my knees and my overall feeling about myself. Some weeks I expect I will do well, other weeks probably not so much. Hopefully, I will manage to stay positive through it.

So, anyway, come back tomorrow for the first new Peyote Ring Pattern in a while. Then join me Monday for Weigh In Day. Remember: You Only Live Once.
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