Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 30

So, I was gonna do this after the whole challenge was over. However, since a migraine last night kept me from making even crappy earrings....

Things I learned doing the Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge 2012

1) I hate french hook ear wires. The stick out and poke my head behind my ears and really REALLY bug me.

2) I do like lever back ear wires. All the dangle of french hooks, none of the pokiness!

3) You CAN make beadwoven post earrings that don't dangle!

4) My photo setup sucks. Taking pictures EVERY DAY really highlighted just how crappy and inconsistant my lighting is. I will be investing in a better light box and lights.

5) Forcing yourself to create something everyday is a great way to create hate. While I never made a lot of earrings before this, I currently don't want to ever make another earring EVER.

I have come to realize that creativity can't be forced. While there were days when I loved what I came up with, there were more days where I just made something for the sake of making something. I am not ok with that. I think I would rather have days where I take a day off, do something else, build up ideas. Or, a day where I worked on something I was actually inspired by! There have been several days where I had another project but set it aside, cause I HAD to make earrings.

So, while this was an interesting experience, it is not one that I will be repeating. I will stick with challenges that allow a little more leaway in what is created and on what schedule.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 28 and Day 29

So, for Saturday, we had another set of peyote beaded bead earrings. This time in black.

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 28

For Sunday, well, I was working on another project and really didn't feel like doing earrings. So, we have some teardrops hung a litte oddly on headpins. I did this design just looking for something quick, so I could get back to my kumihimo, but after looking at it for a while, I think I kind of like it. Something different to do with a teardrops, a little simpler than the normal messy wrap, and it really allows the shape and color of the beads to show.

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 29

Two days left! I am glad, because I am SOOOOOO sick of earrings at this point.
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 27

Made some peyote beaded beads with some gunmetal Toho beads over a really really fake pearl. The pearl actually started out white, but for some reason I dropped a bunch of them into a cup where a black leather cord had been soaking (getting the creases out) and they took on a bluish tint from the cord's dyes. They looked better after that, so I kept them rather than throwing them out as I originally intended.

Any way, if you want to know how to make beaded beads, I did a post on it here.

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day: Day 27
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 26

For day 26 we have some cute frog earrings done using the same technique as the kitty earrings (peyote circles stitched together around an earring finding and embellished).

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 26a

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 26b

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 26c
I took some additional pictures today, to give a better idea of how the beadwork surrounds the finding. (sorry that the last one is so dark!)
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 25

For day 25 I made some beaded beads by connecting 2 peyote circles, then stacked them in different colors on a head pin.

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 25

These tiny puff beads are my favorite thing at the moment... expect to see them again!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 24

Here are my lovely earrings for day 24!


Hmmm... What? You say you've seen these already? Back on day 21? Surely you must be mistaken.

Ok, you aren't mistaken. And I will stop calling you Shirley.

*sigh* So, last night I decided to try something I had been avoiding for a while. Turns out I was avoiding it for a reason. Most beaders find that one of their early projects is a pair of earrings. Specifically, a brick stitched triangle with a bunch of fringe hanging down. I hate these earrings. They do not fit my personal aesthetic, which tends toward simpler lines. I am not a fringe person (though Fringe the TV show is awesome!).

But, it's late in the month and earring ideas are running low, so....

brick stitch fringe earring

Turns out that I hate this style so much that I couldn't even make myself finish ONE! What you see here is the result of 2 hours of taking it apart and redoing it, trying to get the fringe to NOT BE FRINGE! Yeah, that didn't work. So I went and looked at Cake Wrecks instead. (there are some very disturbed bakers out there... cakes made to look like realistic newborns are WRONG!)

So, since I made 3 pair of earrings on the 21st, I am claiming one pair for today.

And we're moving on.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 22

I have been doing some etching this weekend, so for day 22 we get etched earrings.

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge

I put some watch gears on the end of erasers and used them as stamps. Worked pretty well.

If you want to see the matching ring, it is listed in my etsy shop.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Days 20 & 21

Ok, so yesterday I made some more of the button earrings in a nice springy purple. Very nice.


Today, I continued to play with this pattern and ended up making 3 pair of earrings.

First we played with pattern:


Next I decided to try embellishment:


While deciding where to place the leaves on my flowers, I noticed that one configuration looked a lot like cat ears, so.....


I am very happy with today's playing. It is always fun to design something new!
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 19

Day 19 brings us indecision. I originally made 2 cute little peyote button earrings in copper. But as I was making them, you start with this little square but, that really called to me. So, I tried using it as a connector to make a dangle version. Now I can't decide which I actually like. So, we have one of each. Feel free to chime in to let me know which you think works best!


(wow, I actually bothered to put a border on my photo! shocking...)
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 18

First, let me offer you up a belated Day 17 project: My first ear cuff!


Very happy with how the cuff turned out. Keep hoping that the more I try to work with wire, the better I will get, but so far....

And for my Day 18 project, I did some simple pearl drops. Since the holes in the pearls were much smaller than the headpins I had on hand, I used some small guage wire to make my own headpins. Not the neatest thing in the world, but functional.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 17

There is no day 17.

Yeah, well, ya see... I got caught up in some etching and didn't get any earrings made for day 17. I plan to make up for this by making two pair of earrings tonight. In the mean time, I thought I would share with you my favorite pair of earrings ever.

Let me start by saying I did not make them. I actually purchased them (at Walmart, I think) about 10 years ago, long before I discovered beading and jewelry making.

favorite earrings ever

These are simple sterling silver hoops, about a half an inch across. The reason they are my favorite earrings ever, is that I never have to think about them. They are small, light weight, close completely so that nothing is poking you in the back of the head. I can sleep in them, I can swim or shower in them, I have been known to wear them for up to 3 years without taking them out. I have, in fact, been wearing them darn near continuously since the day I bought them 10 years ago! Because they are a high quality sterling, I don't have to worry about destroying them the way I do with base metals (my family has very acidic body chemistry). They add just that little bit of bling to my ears, without my ever having to really worry about them. Oh! And they go with everything! No style conflicts!

I love these earrings. As much as I have enjoyed making earrings this month, and though I really like many of the pairs I made, this will always be my default pair of earrings. Do you have a favorite pair of earrings? Feel free to tell me about them in the comments!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 16

Day 16 brings us some simple dangle earrings made with some left over components from the Very Vintage challenge.

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 16
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Monday, January 16, 2012

The 5th Bead Soup Blog Party


Sign ups for the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party are now over, and the lucky participants have now been announced. Due to the large number of people interested, Lori did a lottery style drawing this time to keep the number reasonable. I did not get chosen. I think I am ok with that.

Although I had a blast last time, and really looked forward to particapating again, there was a side of me that kept glancing at the calendar and wondering how on earth I would fit it in! I seems to have a lot going this year. I am trying to do the Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge in January, I am making some custom jewelry for my sister, I have a couple of trips coming up for my day job. AND I really need to find time to photograph and list some new items for my etsy shop!

As fun as the Bead Soup Blog Party is, it is also a lot of work and time, and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to devote that time to it. So, seeing that I was not chosen, well, it was a relief. That said, I will definately still be waiting for the big reveal day. Going blog to blog to see all the lovely items shared and created is too much fun to miss!
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Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 15

These are the same pattern as the earrings from day 14, but I played with the colors a bit. I also used round seedbeads(rocailles) instead of cylinders. Gives it a slightly different feel.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 14

For day fourteen I bring you a pair of small stud earrings. Done in peyote stitch, they are two triangles stitched together around the earring finding. By having one triangle on either side of the finding, you don't risk pulling the beadwork off the finding as you are trying to take them out of your ears.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I decided to name him Ferdinand

So, my sister purchased a bunch of these skull beads cause she thought they were cool. And they are. They are also huge! So figuring out what to do with them has been... problematic.

I was completely thrilled when this concept came to me as I was driving to work. After waiting all day to get home and try it, I was even more thrilled when it worked! Woo!


So, I showed it to my sister. She says she likes it but she would never wear it as jewelry. *sigh* Figures. So, if I can get some decent pictures of it taken this weekend, it will be going into my shop. Which I haven't added anything to in months, so this is probably a good thing.

Quote: Some days you are the windshield, some days you are the bug.
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Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day Thirteen


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Beading Dailing Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day Twelve

First, my day eleven earrings.


Told ya I made some...

Now, on to the day twelve earrings. These are some plated circles I removed from funky chain. I then brick stitched around them with some copper seed beads. The result was then hung from the ear wires using a twisty chain link as a jump ring. I really like these earrings. They have a fun industrial/steampunky type vibe that is really my thing right now.


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Pattern: Chocolate Bar Ring


It is very cold here today, and I desparately want to curl up under a blanket with a giant mug of hot chocolate and watch reruns of NCIS all day. Unfortunately, that is not an option.

So, here is a square stitch/loom pattern for a chocolate bar ring. I say if you can't curl up with chocolate, curl the chocolate around you! Enjoy!

Quote: We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.
Roald Dahl (1916 - 1990), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day Eleven Part 1

Ok, I did make a pair of earrings yesterday, but I didn't not get a picture taken. I will get it taken and posted tonight with today's earrings.

They are some lovely snowflake earrings, the pattern for which can be found here. Very quick and simple to make.

I was inspired by the dusting of snow we had last night. First snow of the year.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge Day Ten

Today I give you some beaded beads. Made from crystals in a simple right angle weave stitch. Easy, but it was a long day.

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Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Nine

Yesterday was Monday and it was very Monday-esque. Meaning, I started 4 different earring projects. Not because they weren't working, but because I just kept feeling blah about them. I had trouble working up any enthusiasm for any earrings.


What we finally ended up with are these. They come from the Beaded Flower Earrings pattern by Extrano. Once I had the little flowers made, I glued them to a post. Not really happy with how that turned out, but at least it is hidden on the back.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day Eight

So, the seed bead hoops I was working on yesterday are still eluding me. I will continue until I perservere... persavere... I shall conquer them! (but not basic spelling).

So, for today I have switched to some wire hoops. They are based off of the Full Circle Bracelet pattern by Lisa Niven Kelly found in my new copy of Wire Style 2 (thanks Dad!). I really like this little component. I can see so many different ways to use it.


Oh, and today I had time to set up the photo box, so you get a halfway decent picture! Woot!
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Seven

I have spent the last 4 hours working on a pair of beadwoven earrings. These are not those earrings. Those earrings hate me. I may hate them back. I will continue trying to get them right tomorrow. I really hate patterns that require loose tension. Really.


Again with the crappy picture. Once this is over, I am gonna try to take new pictures of all the earrings. Hopefully decent pictures.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Six

So, it's kinda early in the challenge to be doing variations of things I have already done, but I really wanted to make the spiral detail from day two more visible... or visible at all for that matter.


This has to be the single crappiest picture I have posted to date on this blog.... sorry.
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Five

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Five.... I ran out of crystals.... So, anyway, I am almost positive that I originally saw this pattern presented by Leslie Rogalski, Cosmic something or other... I should really go look that up.


Found it! Silver Comet by Leslie Rogalski
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Four

Today I give you some Almost Cubic Right Angle Weave! Wait, almost cubic? Yeah, well, I did the first layer in regular right angle weave, then I built the side walls, then went across the top and filled in. So, not true cubic right angle weave as all the little sections are NOT connected, but all done on one length of thread (the other approach is to do it in two layers and then stitch the two layers together.... too much needle threading for me!).

The beads used are a silver plated plastic, stitched with smoke fireline. Why smoke when it would be so very visible? Because it mimics the patina of Liver of Sulfur. And the plastic beads make it very light weight on your ears.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day 3

Today's earrings are beadwoven! YAY! They remain overly simple though... work days suck.

Today I bring you a herringbone tube (done in clear seed beads) with a white fake pearl inclosed within. At each end is a silver plated round. Put a headpin through the whole thing and call it an earring!


Sorry for the picture quality. Tuesday is podcast day (not for me, for a room mate) so no making noise bringing up the photo box. Clear beads are hard to photograph.
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Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day Two

So, the day two earrings are not what they were supposed to be. My intention was to do some beadweaving, but I could not locate vital pieces I needed. The next idea was to work with some gears (cause if you put a gear on it you can call it Steampunk). But I didn't like the look.

So, what you get are some simple drops. When completing the wrapped loops, I did the wraps as a flat spiral on top of the bead, which I think adds a nice touch. Would have been a nicer touch if the two loops had ended up matching.... whateva...

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day One

Let me start by saying that I do not intend for all of my earrings to be beaded. I know that is against the rules of the official challenge, but I am really into experimenting with techniques and materials right now, and an earring challenge seems like the perfect venue for such expiramentation.

So, for day one I took some resin snowflakes I had made over the holiday and glued earring post findings to them. Yeah, not very challening for making them earrings, but the resin work was more difficult. I actually did the tiny charms in layers, one clear with glitter, then after that set a black layer. The charms were so tiny, I actually had to paint in the first layer! But I like the final outcome.


Seeya tomorrow night!

(this post was supposed to go up Sunday evening - but I screwed up... these things happen, mostly to me, but they happen...)
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