Thursday, January 27, 2011

Constructive Ring a Week - 2

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So I have been working on this ring for a while, but I finally finiished it this weekend.

I started by coating small squares of contruction paper with resin, then stacking them, putting a weight on top, and letting them set. Once the resin was hardened, I used a jeweler's saw to cut out the basic ring shape, and then used sandpaper to refine it. Once I was happy with it, I did a final dip in the resin (actually, 2 dips - one for each side).

I am really happy with the result, but I did learn some things:
Always wear a mask when sawing resin coated construction paper - lots of dust!
Use several layers of each color to get more easily discerned strips.
Invest in a set of carving tools!

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Lois McMaster Bujold, "Mirror Dance", 1994
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All About Seed Beads...

Seed beads are a fun medium to work in. They allow for a beadweaver to create a very detailed image or pattern in their work. However, many people are unsure of the difference in the types of seed beads available. Here is my breakdown:

Cylindar beads (Delicas, Toho Treasures, Aikos) provide a very even fabric when woven. Because the sides are straight and not curved, they fit together well with little space between the beads.
Czech seed beads provide a more textured fabric. The beads are more rounded on the outside and thus show more space between the beads.
Miyuki, Matsuno, and Toho are Japanese manufacturers of seed beads. They make both the rounded seed beads similiar to Czech seed beads and cylindar beads.
Delicas are made by Miyuki. Most people find that Miyuki beads have a better consistancy of size and shape than Toho or Matsuno, and thus require less culling. The exception would the the Toho Aiko line - they are as consistant as they get, no culling needed.
Culling - almost all seed beads will require culling. This is the process of going through the beads and seperating those that are too big, too small, or mishapen. Some people keep these and use them to assist with shaping the beadwork when doing more complicated work, others just throw them out.

So, what beads you use depends on what effect you want. It is entirely
a matter of personal preference and the effect you are going for.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seed Bead Mania

I first got hooked on seed beading when an aquantaince gave me a box full of all these tiny, shiny beads. Well, actually, she gave the box to my 4 year old (at the time) niece. Her mother and I decided they were much too small for her, so I got them. Anyway, I suddenly had this box of beads and some monofilament, and no real idea what to do with them. Enter the internet. Oh my, the things I could do with seed beads! Bracelets, earings, necklaces, rings... RINGS! ( I might be a tad addicted to seed bead rings... maybe)
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are you without fear?

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If so, feel free to stitch yourself up this lovely Green Lantern ring!

I am a giant comics geek as well as a bead geek, so it seemed natural that as one of my first peyote projects I would combine the two. The result was this awesome ring pattern. I always feel so pumped when I wear it, and I am sure you will to.

To size the ring, just wrap it around your finger as your work. Continue the green section (with black border) until it fits as you would like.

Things to remember:
DC/Warner Brothers owns all things Green Lantern, so, while you can make this ring for personal use, it is NOT ok to sell it. It is in fact illegal to sell it. So DO NOT SELL IT!!!

I hope that this is the first of several ring patterns that I will be posting, so be sure to check back.

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Ring a Week - or Right Angle Weave

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I have decided to join a FLICKR group called Ring a Week. The idea is to challenge yourself to create one ring a week for all of 2011. Since I love to make rings, it seemed like a perfect fit.

For my first ring, I went with a quick and simple one done in Right Angle Weave (RAW, get it?). It is made from 3 mm black pressed glass beads and 4 mm blue toned millefiore beads ( I probably just mispelled that...). Turned out rather cute, I thought.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All about salla

So, who is this person putting her thoughts out there? I am a 36 year old, single girl from the midwest. I live with some friends and help to raise their 6 year old daughter. I used to be in childcare but now work in the IT field.

Ok, that was the bland stuff... here is the fun stuff.

I love reading. Girl porn, war books, urban paranormal, western... did I mention I love reading? I also love to do crafts. Right now my favorites are beadwork, resin work, and loom knititng. I would like to get into more jewelry making including wirework and some additional metalwork. I also work with fabric and paper as the mood strikes.

I am a comic book geek, but I come to it late in life. This means, that I like them, but I am not as intimately steeped in the lore as someone who started reading in childhood.

I hope to have all of these elements show up on this blog at various points. So, I hope you like eclectic!

Today's quote: Pie are round. Cornbread are square. - Matthew P.
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Getting Started

Ok, so here it is 2011 and I am gonna try the blog thing. Don't know how this will work, but what the hey. I hope to include things I am working on, as I am an avid crafter/jewelry maker. I may also include things I see online that amuse/amaze/or confuse me. Or I could post twice and then ignore the whole thing. Who knows.
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