Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All about salla

So, who is this person putting her thoughts out there? I am a 36 year old, single girl from the midwest. I live with some friends and help to raise their 6 year old daughter. I used to be in childcare but now work in the IT field.

Ok, that was the bland stuff... here is the fun stuff.

I love reading. Girl porn, war books, urban paranormal, western... did I mention I love reading? I also love to do crafts. Right now my favorites are beadwork, resin work, and loom knititng. I would like to get into more jewelry making including wirework and some additional metalwork. I also work with fabric and paper as the mood strikes.

I am a comic book geek, but I come to it late in life. This means, that I like them, but I am not as intimately steeped in the lore as someone who started reading in childhood.

I hope to have all of these elements show up on this blog at various points. So, I hope you like eclectic!

Today's quote: Pie are round. Cornbread are square. - Matthew P.
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