Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - Working for it

So, this is the time when I am supposed to pick a word to describe how I want the year to go. Everybody's doing it, you know. I did it last year. My word then was LIVE... cause I wanted to. I was facing health issues, turning 39, and other stuff. And I wanted to remind myself, not only not to die... but to actually live. And I did... kinda. But it was messy and interrupted by work stuff, and just didn't really seem to accomplish anything.

I think if I must pick a word for 2014, it shall be WORK.

This year I shall work at being healthier. I shall work at being mobile. I shall work at being creative. I shall work at being happy. I shall work at living. Because living takes work. It takes effort. It doesn't just happen.
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