Monday, January 2, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings a Day Challenge: Day One

Let me start by saying that I do not intend for all of my earrings to be beaded. I know that is against the rules of the official challenge, but I am really into experimenting with techniques and materials right now, and an earring challenge seems like the perfect venue for such expiramentation.

So, for day one I took some resin snowflakes I had made over the holiday and glued earring post findings to them. Yeah, not very challening for making them earrings, but the resin work was more difficult. I actually did the tiny charms in layers, one clear with glitter, then after that set a black layer. The charms were so tiny, I actually had to paint in the first layer! But I like the final outcome.


Seeya tomorrow night!

(this post was supposed to go up Sunday evening - but I screwed up... these things happen, mostly to me, but they happen...)
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