Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beading Daily Earrings Every Day Challenge: Day 24

Here are my lovely earrings for day 24!


Hmmm... What? You say you've seen these already? Back on day 21? Surely you must be mistaken.

Ok, you aren't mistaken. And I will stop calling you Shirley.

*sigh* So, last night I decided to try something I had been avoiding for a while. Turns out I was avoiding it for a reason. Most beaders find that one of their early projects is a pair of earrings. Specifically, a brick stitched triangle with a bunch of fringe hanging down. I hate these earrings. They do not fit my personal aesthetic, which tends toward simpler lines. I am not a fringe person (though Fringe the TV show is awesome!).

But, it's late in the month and earring ideas are running low, so....

brick stitch fringe earring

Turns out that I hate this style so much that I couldn't even make myself finish ONE! What you see here is the result of 2 hours of taking it apart and redoing it, trying to get the fringe to NOT BE FRINGE! Yeah, that didn't work. So I went and looked at Cake Wrecks instead. (there are some very disturbed bakers out there... cakes made to look like realistic newborns are WRONG!)

So, since I made 3 pair of earrings on the 21st, I am claiming one pair for today.

And we're moving on.
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