Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This post should really have a title.... but it doesn't.

This past weekend I got to work on two new bracelets. One with a new variation on a stitch I know, and one with the first beadweaving stitch I learned.

The first bracelet is done in tubular Right Angle Weave (RAW). I have worked with RAW before, but had never worked it in a tubular fashion. And I still didn't. Although my instructions showed how to work each round, I found myself just making a flat piece and then joining the two sides. I am such a cheat.

But, I did get to work with some beads I don't normally work with. With my favorite stitch, peyote, I almost always work with cylindar beads. Due to their nice flat ends, they fit together so very nicely. But that wasn't really the best effect for this stitch. So, I first tried using some cheap seed beads I had picked up when I first started stitching. They were all very rounded, but the sizes were very inconsistant. Again, not working. So, instead I ended up heading to Michaels and picking up some Toho seed beads. Rounded, but with a nice consistancy in size. Perfect! And a gorgeous color of purple.


I attached a silver plated magnetic clasp. Loved the look. Then I wore it for a day and nearly lost it three times. Turned out that every time I reached into the pocket of my jeans, the magnets tried to stick to the rivets of my jeans instead of each other. So, now it has a 1" safety chain. Did you know that many silver plated chains have a magnetic metal underneath? Me neither, until now! Luckily I did manage to find one silver colored chain in my stash that didn't stick to the clasp! Bracelet saved!

The second bracelet I did in Daisy Chain. See, I had those cheap beads out, and when I looked at all their pretty colors I just couldn't resist. Their very unevenness makes them perfect for Daisy Chain. Gives a very rustic feel that goes well with this stitch. I decided to make the bracelet three strand, but looking at it now, I think I will go back and add more strands. Give it a more lush feel. What do you think?


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