Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More kumihimo and cake!

So, this weekend a friend of mine decided everyone should get flowers now and then and bought me one.

2011-11-11 18.43.29

It was delicious.

2011-11-11 18.52.26

This weekend I got to finish 2 kumihimo projects! WOO! The first was a necklace made with the pink rope shown in my last post. For some reason I haven't taken a picture of the finished necklace. I will correct that this evening. The second piece was a bracelet. I used some 6/0 seed beads in a Lilac Garden mix. I went back to using the smaller string, and it still caves in, but for some reason this time I am OK with that. Luckily I had some awesome Vintaj Magnolia endcaps that were perfect for it!

2011-11-14 20.22.33

Finally, I am working on making some Steampunk items for my sister, who has recently discovered this awesome styele. Here is the start of a cuff.

2011-11-12 10.42.31

Quote: Gods don't like people not doing much work. People who aren't busy all the time might start to think.
Terry Pratchett, Small Gods
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