Thursday, November 1, 2012

No More Wooden Pallet Projects!


I read a lot of craft blogs (a lot of craft blogs!). I also love the DIY & Crafts section of Pinterest. Both of these love to feature projects "reusing" wooden pallets. Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

Couple of things you should know about wooden pallets (and I used to work in a metal shop where we loaded and unloaded lots of things from pallets, so I speak from experience here):

1) Wooden pallets are made from the cheapest wood possible. The slats are cut with regards to strength, not beauty. They will be bowed, warped, have knots, and have sections missing. All of these things, not pick one.
2) Wooden pallets are one of the best built things in the world! The are fastened together with the intention that they STAY fastened together. You can pick them up, slam them down, run into things, drop them, tip them, bang them together... almost anything, EXCEPT easily take them apart.
3) The reason pallets are so well built, is that they are intended to be used over and over and over and over and over... until they fall apart through sheer wear and tear. There is no need to "recycle" or "reuse" a pallet in your craft project. You are not saving the Earth. You are in fact destroying a pallet that would otherwise keep serving it's pallet-y purpose for years to come. Because of you, another pallet had to be made. You.

So, to all you crafters and would be DIYers out there, I say, "STOP USING PALLETS!!!" If you want to make a wood craft, buy some wood. Or use old barn wood from an architectural salvage company. Or use cardboard (they are doing some amazing things with it!
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