Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Domo Pillow

My neice (referred to online as Miss M) loves Domo (obligatory wiki link). This past weekend we took some fuzzy brown fabric I had laying around and made her a Domo pillow. She has declared it the "best thing ever". The below pictures of Domo Pillow were taken by Miss M. She is also responsible for Domo Pillow's styling.

domo pillow

domo pillow 2

I had considered waiting and making this as a birthday present for her (her birthday is in March), but I am really glad I didn't wait. Sometimes it is just fun to give a spontaineous no reason gift. Even more fun when she can help you make it!

Basic (really basic) instructions:
Take a half yard of brown fuzzy fabric, sew on a red felt mouth and teeth and some black eyes, fold fabric in half and sew together leaving a hole to turn and stuff, turn and stuff, then stitch up hole. Enjoy your new Domo Pillow!
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