Monday, March 21, 2011

Thrift Store Catch of the Day!

SAM_0508 by sallaevilincarnate
Fish! a photo by sallaevilincarnate on Flickr.
Today is the first day of Spring Break in my neck of the woods, so I was out and about with my seven year old niece, Molly. We went to a thrft store where she found a copy of Inkheart for $.99 and I found these wonderful fish beads!

The fish are currently strung with some cheap plastic pearls on what appears to be sewing thread. Not sure what I will do with these lovely fishies, but they do beg for something special. The cost for five cool fish? $1.99.


I also picked up an 18 inch strand of wooden beads in tones of pink and peaches. Mostly spheres, but about six .... well, the are square in the middle and triangular on each end... irregular polygons is what my friend Matthew declared them. Anyway, they are cool. I think I will try doing beaded beads with some and something as yet to be determined with others. Should be fun!

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