Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Pattern! Lacy Ring

lace_ring by sallaevilincarnate
lace_ring a photo by sallaevilincarnate on Flickr.

So I really like how this ring turned out. The wonkyness of the top beads gives it a very lacy, feminine feel.

Step 1) Complete the center section of even count peyote (pattern on the left). Keep beading in the same pattern until it will fit around your finger comforably. If possible, try to get to a length where the pattern will match up when you connect the two ends. Zip closed.

Step 2) Weave through the ring until you can exit from a black edge bead. Pick up two white beads and enter back into the same black edge bead you exited from.

Step 3) Weave over to come out of the adjacent white bead. Go through the nearest of the white beads you just added. Add a new white bead, then go down through the second white bead from the previous step and then through the the white bead below it.

Step 4) Weave over to come out the next black edge bead.

Continue steps 2-4 all the way around each side of the ring adding thread as needed. When done, weave the ends of the thread into the beadwork to secure.

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