Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I did over the holiday weekend

Friday was a migraine day, so mostly I slept.
Saturday, my sister and I went to go see Cowboys and Aliens at the theater. I highly recommend this film as it has Cowboys and it has Aliens! (note: I am notorious for my enjoyment of really bad films, just sayin')
Sunday and Monday I got to sit around the house and bead. I made a ring that I am not sure I like. I was going for a heart with a keyhole look, but everytime I look at it I think vagina. Logically, this makes since as the whole key and lock concept is very sexual in nature, but do I really want to put out a ring that looks like it has a vagina on it? Really? And, no, I won't post pictures. It looks like a vagina.

I also got to spend some time on my Bead Soup Blog Party piece. I am really liking where it is going and so I thought I would offer a sneak peak:


I apologize for the crappy picture. I was too lazy to go to the basement and get my camera, so it is a phone pic. I am not usually one to do brick stitch, but then, this challenge is all about getting out of the comfort zone....

I will also be participating in Michelle Mach's Very Vintage Fall Challenge. I ordered my kit and can't wait for it to arrive! Some lovely pieces are in the kit and this should be fun.

I am still trying to organize the Talk Like a Pirate Day blog hop. I have a few particepents from the Bead Soup list, but if you want to join as well, please leave me a comment. I hope to have a finalized list by this Friday and get an email out to all on Saturday. Talk Like a Pirate Day is Sept. 19th.

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