Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Pattern: Simple Weave

ring_weave2 So, today we get another simple weave pattern. I tried complicated, but it isn't wanting to work for me yet. I will perservere! Maybe.... Things I am still trying to perservere on include a beaded ring with a hidden compartment and a beaded Klien bottle. However, I did conquer the beaded spinner ring, so hope remains!

I had planned to bead this up last night so that I could have a picture of the finished product today, however, after plunging my hand into a bowl of hot pasta(no, I don't know why I did it) beading really wasn't happening last night. Hopefully I will get it made tonight(cause I really do like this pattern and I have some new silver Delicas I want to use) and will post it tomorrow.

Also of note, the whole concept of posting a bunch of links every Friday.... well, it's not so much with the working for me. So, I will have to figure out a new plan for Fridays. No idea yet what it will be. Feel free to leave suggestions!
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