Monday, March 19, 2012

What I Made Monday

So this week I made some rings that I am EXTREMELY happy about!

First, we have a cab ring. The cab used is resin. I took a small plastic button, made a mold of it using some two part putty, then did a resin pour with silver PearlEx mixed in. Next I used some stamp ink and a paint brush to highlight the design. Then I painted on a layer of clear resin to seal. Once cured, I did a closed back peyote bezel for the cab using some silver beads. Then I added a band using black beads.




The second ring I created has actually been in my head for a while. I am completely in love with the concept of spinner rings, but I don't have the setup to make one for myself out of metal. So, I have been playing with the idea of making one out of beads for a while. I was having a lot of trouble getting the flair or lip right, so that it would keep the inner ring on, but not stick too much into your finger. Well, this weekend I was contemplating making a Core Beaded Bead using a pattern I purchased a while back from Kerrie Slade. In the pattern she shows how to make a small core using tubular herringbone that flairs to lock into the center of the bead. EUREKA! with some minor changes, I finally had my beaded spinner ring! YAY! I was so thrilled, I even did my first video.... enjoy!


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