Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Made Monday

This week I got to participate in an Art Show at work. However, since it was at work and during work and I had to work... I couldn't be with my display during the show. This means I didn't get to see people's reactions or talk to them about my jewelry. Judging by the number of business cards that were gone though, I think at least some people liked it. And I have had a couple of people walk up to me in the walkways saying they liked my jewelry, so that is nice. Did I mention I forgot to take a single picture of my display? Yeah, I suck.

So, you might remember a while back when I was creating little scenes in watches. I had done one that had a scene of the Earth, but I wasn't happy due to an air bubble. So, I worked to recreate it. This one has no air bubble and the black background is much sparklier. I do miss the original band though...



I am pretty happy with how these resin flower pendants are turning out. The mold was made from a flower stamp.


Finally, be sure to check out all the great blogs in Reveal #1 of the 6th BSBP. Some wonderful creations this time through! I will be in Reveal #3 on Aug. 25th. This time I am trading internationally and am very nervous as I have not received my soup yet.
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