Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mismatched Art Bead Earrings Swap

This month I am participating in the Mismatched Art Bead Earrings Swap. The rules are that you and your partner have to make a pair of mismatched earrings using art beads and swap! I had never made mismatched earrings before, so this sounded like fun.

There are two ways to go about making mismatched earrings. The first way is to pick a theme and have both earrings go with the theme if not with each other. Examples include earrings that say "In" on one ear and "Out" on the other. Or where one earring is a bird and the other earring is a nest. This is the way I went. You can see them over at my partner's blog: Carolyn's Creations. UPDATE: she posted early, so please scroll down a few posts to see the earrings I sent! I will post a picture here tomorrow as well.

The other way is to make earrings that have a similiar feel to them. This is what my partner did. By matching shapes and sizes, as well as color palette, she made two earrings that feel very similar even though they aren't exactly the same. It is kinda like rhyming. "Silver" and "bewilder" don't seem like they would rhyme when you look at them, but if you say them out loud, it's pretty close.

So, here are the lovely earrings made especially for me by Carolyn Lawson!

Mismatched earring swap

I have to say I do completely love them!

Please hop around and see the other wonderful mismatched earrings created for this swap!

Lisa Liddy http://www.lisaliddy.wordpress.com

Charlene Jacka  http://clay-space.com/blog

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