Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Weigh In: 307.8

Hey look! An actual number!

So, this past week I started meeting with my sister 2 nights a week. We go for a walk - short right now - and are talking about nutrition and general health. Since my sister has managed to loose 48 lbs over the last six months while dealing with back issues and knee issues she is a good person to help me with this.

Tuesday's walk was 10 minutes, Thursday's was a whopping 17 minutes! I also took a walk on my own on Saturday. It was short, only ten minutes, but was followed by a trip to the grocery store which I am counting as another 10 minutes of walking.


Speaking of grocery shopping, my sister has me making some alternative food choices as well. A lot more low calorie options, and a focus on portion sizes... have you noticed that healthy food is kinda expensive? Yeesh! I am now tracking my food and excorsize through I am liking it because it has a phone app that will actually scan the barcodes of things and then give you the nutrition info. AND, you can also download Runtastic which will track how far you walk and then automatically update MyFitnessPal. I can be lazy even while I am being more active! Woo!

So, all in all, I am feeling much more positive about things this week than I have in a while. And that is good.
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