Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Weigh In: ????

So, the Wii (which I use with the Balance Board to weigh myself) was hidden behind a large stack of boxes today. This means we have no number for today. Which is ok, cause I am sure it was up. BUT! I have a new plan. I spent some time with my sister this weekend and she has agreed to be my new weight loss buddy. So starting this week, we will be walking twice a week and she will be supporting me in my weight loss mission. She suggested that we walk outside, her theory being that you can always get off the treadmill, but if you walk out side you are required to walk back home - thus you will walk more, even when it hurts.

She also introduced me to the Salonpas pain patches... and boy am I loving those! Pop one on either knee and for a couple of hours I feel almost like a real girl.

So, that is what is up with me. Hope you are all doing well.
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