Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern in theaters this weekend!

In honor of the Green Lantern premiere this weekend, I am reposting my pattern for a Green Lantern power ring.


The ring is quick enough to work up, that you can whip one up before you head to a mantinee tomorrow!

I also want to share two patterns for Legionnaire flight rings. The DC Legion is a group of teenage superheros from the 30th century. The only requirement to be a member is that you have a unique power that no present member possesses. They have such memorable heroes as Bouncing Boy (much cooler than you think), Shrinking Violet, Matter-Eater Lad, and Arm Fall Off Boy! Actually, Arm Fall Off Boy may have been in the substitute Legion.... If you are interested in learning more about these heroes, my friend Matthew has written some great histories of all the members over at Major Spoilers. Links to individual heroes are at the bottom.


As before, please remember that we do not own Green Lantern or the Legion. Feel free to make the rings for personal use, but no selling!

And finally, because I was in a square stitch mood, a medic alert pendant. This is an original pattern I have created. Please feel free to make it for yourself or a friend or to donate to a worthy cause. However, please do not sell it. Thank you.


Quote: "In loudest din or hush profound,
My ears catch evil's slightest sound.
Let those who toll out evil's knell
Beware my power, the F-Sharp Bell!" - Rot Lop Fan
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