Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Ring Patterns: Black Widow and Nick Fury

Ok, I am posting my final two patterns today, cause I don't plan to blog tomorrow. So, I bring you my Black Widow and Nick Fury inspired rings. These were both really hard. I didn't want to just do the spider for Black Widow, as it was a little obvious, however, nothing else really worked on the small space of a ring. For Nick Fury, you really only have two choices: and eye patch or a gun. Since an eye patch wouldn't work at all on a ring, I went with the gun.



And thus is my Avenger Ring Set concluded. Hope everyone can get out and see the movie this weekend. It actually looks like I will be seeing it twice: once tomorrow to make sure it is ok for an 8 yr old to watch, and then again on Saturday with the 8 yr old in question! WHEEEEEEE!!!!!
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