Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I Made.... Thursday

So, it was a busy weekend with 2 viewings of Avengers - which is AWESOME! - and then a busy start to my work week, so my "What I Made" post is a little late this week. However, it is packed full of stuff to make up for it!

Up first, after seeing some of these online, the small person and I made our own Monster Picture from a thrift store landscape! She designed her monsters on note paper, her father sketched them into the painting, and then she and I painted them in with acrylic paints. Lots of fun!

Monster's Day Out

Next, I was inspired by this post to make some macrame bracelets. The tutorial says to use gold or silver rings, but, come on? really? with macrame? This is cotton or hemp cord, it doesn't really last all that long. So, mine have some base metal bits, and a hexagon I made with seed beads. There is also one where I just did some simple braiding with beads. All of them were fairly simple to make. The site above has instructions, but I already knew how, so I may have strayed from their method.

Braded Bracelet with Beads

Macrame bracelet with Ring Focal

Macrame Bracelet with Gear Focal

Macrame Bracelet with Beadwoven Focal

Macrame Bracelets

These are a great way to get the stack bracelet look that seems to be so popular right now. I just wear one at a time, cause I'm not cool like that. I do love the light, summery feel of them!
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