Monday, June 11, 2012

What I made Monday

So, I worked on more resin this weekend, but I am still not ready to show any of it. Instead, you get to see some silliness I made for my niece.


You may have seen the Alien Abduction lamp, or this DIY for making your own. This weekend I decided to make a nightlight version.

The green base is a pearler bead peg board. The spaceship is a bead container painted silver (the kind that screw together in a stack, I used the top one with the lid). The beam is a plastic shot glass picked up at the Dollar Store. I lit it with an electric tea light. It has a nice flickery effect. And finally the cow... a pencil topper my niece already had.


I carefully drilled holes in the bead container and the shot glass big enough for the "flame" on the tealight to fit through. I then glued them together and painted the bead container. The tea light fits inside the bead container, with the "flame" going down through the hole. I did not connect the ship and beam to the base because I wanted my niece to be able to take the cow in and out of the beam. Night light and play scene (she keeps abducting the cow but leaving his tiny shampoo behind... no idea why, but this amuses her greatly). All in all, I am very happy with how this project turned out! The Aliens are coming! And they are stealing our cows!!!!

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