Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Made Tuesday

First, sorry for the delay in posting. I seem to say that a lot...

Moving on. This week, I finally finished a necklace I have been working on FOREVER!!!! Ok, for like 3 weeks, but it seemed like forever. It is my first foray into an all wire wrapped piece. Much, much wrapping.


Things I learned from this necklace: 1) who ever came up with the tip to use crimping pliers to tuck in the wraps is BRILLIANT! 2) when there are this many wrapped loops, and they are all different sizes it looks like you did it on purpose. 3) sometimes, you get an accidental picture that is your favorite ever. (I was actually entending to crop the pic so I had a close up of the focal {ammonite} but loved the way the picture came out - so artsy!). 4) despite much evidence to the contrary, I CAN make a hook from wire!

Oh, and I think the beads are catseye, but I'm not positive.
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