Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Weigh in: 308.2

Blah, up again.

So some things went wrong this week - a couple of days of crappy eating.... really got to get the emotional eating in hand. But, some things did go right. I am trying to make walking on my treadmill a part of my daily routine, and I only missed 1 day this week! Now, I only walked for 2-3 minutes each day, but I walked! My goal this week is 5 minutes each day. Strangely, walking on the treadmill is not as hard on my knees as walking on the ground is. I think this is because the moving deck helps reduce the hit each time I put a foot down... if that makes sense. Anyway, the goal for right now is to make walking part of the routine, and then to slowly increase the amount. Wish me luck!
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